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Septic System

Septic overview

When functioning correctly, your septic system is a safe and reliable way of treating household waste and wastewater. Septic systems need maintenance, repair and eventual replacement. Failing or improperly maintained septic systems can:

  • Contaminate your water supply and that of your neighbours;
  • Decrease your property value;
  • Cause expensive repairs.
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How to identify septic failure

Signs that your septic system may be failing include:

  • A bad smell;
  • An unpleasant-looking liquid in leaching bed;
  • Spongy spots/sewage on or near the leaching bed;
  • Slow moving or backed-up drains in your home;
  • More lush vegetation over the septic bed;
  • Broken or disconnected pipes;
  • Not all warning signs are visible above ground-an inspection of the take is necessary to be certain.


The Township of Carling does not offer a septic service.  For a number of builds a septic permit must be obtained from the North Bay – Mattawa Conservation Authority before the Township of Carlings Chief Building Official can issue you a building permit.

Contact: Parry Sound On-site Sewage System Office (NBMCA), 705-746-7566, 62 Bowes Street Parry Sound, ON, P2A 2L5,

Caring for your septic system

Step 1: Pump regularly – Get your septic system pumped every 3 to 5 years

Step 2: Inspect often –Regular inspections every three years help prevent problems. Keep accurate records of your septic and maintenance and get your effluent filter checked and cleaned every year.

Sept 3: Pour and flush responsibly-Don’t pre down the drain or flush cooking oils, food waste, hazardous waste chemicals and harsh cleaning products.  

Septic failure? Send the NBMCA a message.

Available from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

Address 2 West Carling Bay Rd Nobel, ON P0G 1G0
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