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Wildland Fire Safety and Information

Forests, although beautiful can be a risk when we find ourselves in dry conditions and we are reminded that the woodlands present a potential fuel load that could threaten our lives and properties. The Carling Fire Department takes the threat of wildland fire very seriously and manage this threat in a three pronged approach.


The goals of this strategy is to eliminate or reduce man-made sources of ignition that could cause a Wildland Fire.  Obviously sources such as lightning are beyond our ability to control but we have taken steps to regulate human behavior in order stop Wildland Fire before it starts.

Burning Regulations

The Township regulates burning of organic debris through our Burning By-law which requires a permit for all non-recreational fires.  We are able to restrict these sorts of fires when conditions are dry or windy.  This requirement is year round and has greatly reduced the number of human caused fires in the township.

Fire Danger Rating

Letting people know whether the risk is LOW-MODERATE-HIGH or EXTREME has been very useful in ensuring we all know the level of risk when deciding whether or not to have a fire. You can see the current fire rating at the top right of our Carling menu.

Fire Safety and Prevention.


As we have seen in the Media, the effects of Wildland Fire can be devastating but there are some simple and manageable steps that you can take to decrease the likelihood of negative impacts to your property from a wildland Fire.  FireSmart™ Canada has developed and published some very good information on how to protect your home.  90% of buildings on properties that conform to their methodology have survived Wildland Fires.

FireSmart™ Information and Links

Here is a simple information sheet that will give you some good tips on how to help your property to survive a Wildland Fire. Check this page out if you want more details on FireSmart and your property.

Home-Ignition-Zone-Poster-SCREEN (PDF)

Protect Your Home Manual

Begins at Home Guide With Self-Assessment (PDF)

FireSmart™ Canada logo.



The Carling Fire Department is trained and ready to fight Wildland Fire when it occurs and through our efforts fires have been extinguished before they were able to get large.  Aside from our own crew and equipment we are able to call on the following resources for assistance should they be required.

  • Seven other Fire Departments in our Mutual Aid Group with an aggregate of over 100 firefighters.
  • Aviation, Forest Fires and Emergency Services (AFFES) – This is the Provincial Agency that is responsible for Forest Fire Suppression Crews. Aside from personnel they can also supply us with:
    • Water bombers – Fixed wing and Helicopters


Evacuations may occur if smoke or fire has the potential to impact residences.  Even though these events are rare in our province and usually occur in remote areas surrounded by large pine/evergreen forests we want to be prepared just in case.

Planning – The Township will be developing and testing our Evacuation Plan and Best Practices in 2024/25.  We will be in touch as this planning continues.


Alert Ready – The Provincial Alerting System can be used to send messages to cell-phones in the case of Evacuation Orders.  When the threat of Wildfires are nearby make sure your phone is close-by you.

Municipal Resources;

Information will be available on our Website in case of an evacuation order.  Township of Carling Homepage

You can also sign up to receive Municipal Information by email.

We have compiled information related to large-scale emergencies for your reference that can be found here:
Fire and Emergency Services Information – Carling Township

Preparing you and your family

You can be prepared for evacuations by taking a few simple steps ahead of time.  The first step is to make an Emergency Plan for your family. Check out the Emergency Management Canada’s website.

FireSmart™ Canada has a great checklist for you to download to help remembering the last-minute things that you should be considering in case of an evacuation.

FSC_Wildfire Evac Checklist-(

Wildland Fire Safety.
Fire mitigation.

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