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Recreational info

Carling Community Centre Activities 

The Carling Community Centre opened in the Spring of 2019 as a multi-purpose community asset. During the week there is a variety of programs and hobby groups that take place free of charge to anyone who would like to join. Some of the programs and groups that the Community Centre is currently hosting are:  

For more information on these activities and other recreational activities taking place in Carling visit our Community Events Calendar. If you have any idea for a hobby group or program that you would like to host, please email us at 


A volunteer from the the community created a Carling Township Recreation Newsletter – DOWNLOAD 



Carling offers many past time hobbies to keep residents and tourists engaged. Below we have added a list of recreational activities to keep you active during your time in Carling.

The Carling Ball Park is located beside the Community Centre at 4 West Carling Bay Road. The ball field is open all summer for anyone to use. Please bring your own equipment. Please note that drinking and/or smoking on Township Recreational Sites is prohibited.

Adult Slowpitch League – Click Here for More Information / 2023 Schedule 

Carling Township has two beaches for ratepayers to use:

  1. Shebeshekong Beach – 58 Shebeshekong Est. Road
  2. Fitzgerald Bay Beach – 31 Fitzgerald Bay Road

Both beaches require Municipal Permits to park.


Other Parry Sound Area Beaches

  • Nobel Beach – 66 Big Sound Road, Nobel
  • Bell Lake Beach – 18 Bell Lake Road, McDougall
  • Waubuno Beach – 27 Prospect Street, Parry Sound
  • Foley Matheson Park & Beach -125 Rankin Lake Road, Seguin

Killbear Park – 35 Killbear Park Road
Day use permits are available for purchase at Killbear Park which allows non-campers access to beaches within the park. For more information visit the Ontario Parks Website  


Carling Centennial Park – 4 West Carling Bay Road
Carling Centennial Park is located at 4 West Carling Bay Road just outside of the Carling Community Centre. There is a playground, baseball field and lots of room for children to run and play.

The Township is in the process of creating a trail system behind the Carling Community Centre. We are hoping to have this project completed within the next few years.

Killbear Park has a number of trail systems for ratepayers to enjoy. Please note that non campers do have to purchase a pass to use the parks trails and beaches.


Other Parry Sound Area Trails

  • Rotary & the Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail-Trail Head: Salt Docks, Waubuno Beach, Charles W Stocky Centre, Champagne Street Dock
  • Rugged Hiking Trail-11 A Salt Dock Road, Parry Sound
  • Georgian Nordic Ski Club – 4 Nine Mile Lake Road
  • Balsam Trail-Balsam Road
  • Rose Point Trail– Trail Heads: Rose Point, James Bay Junction Road, Cargill Road or Forest Hill
  • Seguin Trail – Trail Head: Highway 400 Exit 214  

The Township of Carling provides access to Georgian Bay at several water access points.  Parking at these locations is limited to Carling Residents and their guests. Municipal Permits are required at all locations. View the access point by-law.


Access Points are located at:

  • Sawdust Bay Dock- 5 Sawdust Road
  • Blind Bay Dock-57 Blind Bay Road
  • Dillon Dock-259 Dillon Road
  • Snug Harbour Dock – 142 Snug Harbour Road
  • Pengally Bay Dock – 10 Wm McKenzie Drive

Boating Safety

Boating can be a great way to explore the Parry Sound Area. Before you go out make sure you are aware of safe and responsible boating practices. Know the requirements and understand the regulations that apply to boating.  View the Safe Boating Guide  for more information.

There are a number of camping locations throughout the West Parry Sound District including within the Township of Carling.

Camping within Carling Township

  • Killbear Provincial Park – 35 Killbear Park Road, Carling Township
  • Crown Land
    Ontario provides many opportunities for crown land camping outside of provincial parks. In general, residents of Canada may camp free of charge on crown land for up to 21 days at any one site, unless posted otherwise. No facilities are provided on crown land, and ecological sustainability is of utmost importance. At these sites, campers must practise leave no trace camping as well as safe backcountry cooking and food storage. Contact the Parry Sound Ministry of Natural Resources Office for more information.
    7A Bay Street, Parry Sound, ON

Camping Outside Carling Township

  • Oastler Lake Provincial  Park –  380 Oastler Park Drive, Parry Sound
  •  Massasauga Provincial Park –  (This park uses the Oastler Lake office) 380 Oastler Park Drive, Parry Sound
  •  Parry Sound KOA – 276 Rankin Lake Road, Seguin

Not a Camper?
There are a number of resorts in Carling that let you enjoy the benefits of camping while staying in a comfortable cabin/cottage. Visit our business directory for a listing of Carling Cottage Resorts. 

Tips for Good Fishing

 Be Considerate, have fun and stay safe

  • Be Polite to your fishing neighbours and environment by following these rules:
    • Respect others fishers beside you and don’t crowd fishing areas
    • Don’t litter
    • Don’t leave your hooks unattended
    • Don’t release live bait
    • Be careful when fishing near flowing water

Choose the right location

  • Don’t trespass when choosing a place to fish. All fishing sites are on public land and it’s your responsibility to make sure you aren’t on private property.

Get licensed

Know what you can and can’t eat

Learn about rules and regulations

  • The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Identifies fishing rules, size limits and size restrictions. Visit the website for more information.

Where Can I Get a Fishing License?

 With the exception of the free fishing weeks if you are between the ages of 18 and 65 you will need a fishing license.  Visit the Ontario Government for more information on how to get a fishing license.    

License Free Fishing Day  

Canadian residents can fish in Ontario without buying a fishing license, during:

  • Family Fishing Weekend in February (February 13-15, 2021)
  • Mother’s Day Weekend (May 8-9, 2021)
  • Father’s Day Weekend ( June 19-20, 2021)
  • Family Fishing Week in July ( July 3-11, 2021)

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are allowed on all Municipal Roads in accordance with the Township’s ATV by-law. All vehicles must meet Regulation 316/03 of the Highway Traffic Act 

Safety Tips

  • Know your operator’s manual
  • Check your ATV before riding
  • Always wear proper protective gear and clothing
  • Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during a ride
  • Never carry passengers on single-seaters

Hunting on Municipal property is strictly prohibited. Hunting must be done on Crown land or private land with the permission of the owner. Contact the Parry Sound Ministry of Natural Resources for more information on permitted hunting locations.

The Township of Carling does not permit Sunday gun hunting.


To hunt as an Ontario Resident you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old (or 15 with parental consent)
  • Have successfully taken the Ontario Hunter Education Program
  • Follow all federal firearm regulations and carry appropriate documentation with you if you are hunting with a gun
  • Have a valid hunting vision Outdoors Card
  • Have the required hunting license (s) and tags(s) for the game you wish to hunt

You must follow all rules related to hunting in Ontario including where and when you hunt, the type of firearm that can be used and the clothing you are required to wear when big game hunting.

For a full list of regulations please visit the Government of Ontario website.

A hunting license is required to hunt in Ontario. All licenses are specific to the game that you want to hunt. All licenses expired on December 31 of each year.



A tag authorizes a hunter to hunt the game species indicated on the tag, subject to the conditions on the tag. Tags can be purchased online, at a license issuer and at many Service Ontario locations. A tag is required to hunt moose, deer, wolf/coyote, wild turkey, black bear and elk.    


Every trapper harvesting fur must have a trapping license. The license identifies the area where the trapper can trap and gives harvest quotas for some species. Trapping can only occur during open season. All trappers must report the number of animals they trap, sell and keep each year. If you have a license to trap in one district you cannot use the same license to trap in another district.  You will need to get a second license.  

To trap in Ontario you must:

  • Have completed the required Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation Course
  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Have a trapping license
  • Trap only during open seasons
  • Keep to an annual harvest quota
  • Trap only on land identified in the license
  • Have written permission from the landowner when trapping on private lands
  • Follow other conditions set out in your license and the regulations
  • Only use humane, certified traps

The Carling Ice Rink is located outside of our Municipal Office at 2 West Carling Bay Road. This is a covered outdoor rink and is impacted by weather conditions. Temporary closures may occur due to mild weather. Please check both the ice status and the rink schedule before heading out. 

Other Outdoor Ice Rinks

Indoor Rinks

Ice Skating Trail

The Parry Sound Area is Snowmobile District 10. Within our district we have a number of snowmobile clubs that help to maintain our trail systems.

Carling Trailblazers
The Carling Trailblazers Trail System provides close to 250KMs of trail running from Carling to Nobel and from Parry Sound east to Arbeg and then north to Point au Baril. The Carling Trailblzers club was formed in 1982 and have helped to create some of the best trails in the province.
Facebook Page 

Dun-Ahmic Snowriders
The Dun-Ahmic Snowriders maintain the trails in McKellar Dunchurch & Ahmic Harbour Area.

South Seguin Snowmobile Club
The South Seguin Snowmobile Club maintains over 125km of trails making it one of the biggest tail systems in the Parry Sound Snowmobile District. The club manages the Seguin trail out to Sprucedale, as well as the Top C Trail from the Airport North to Hwy 124. Club trails also include those going into the Town of Parry Sound from the south end, local business trail and other trails through the region.

Other Clubs

Purchasing a Trail Permit

In order to snowmobile using the Ontario trail systems you will need to purchase a Trail Permit. To purchase a Trail Permit visit the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs website.  There are three types of trail permits that you can purchase. A seasonal permit, a classic permit (for snowmobiles with the model year of 1999 and earlier ) and a multi-day permit.

Buy Where You Ride

Riders are encouraged to purchase their trail permit from the club whose trails they ride the most. When buying online you can select your local club by accessing the club locator.

Wellness Centre and Pool Development

For information regarding the proposed Wellness Centre and Pool please visit the Town of Parry Sound’s Website.

2016 Census Comparison of Goderich YMCA 20km Catchment Area to Parry Sound 20km Catchment Area – DOWNLOAD

Distance from Schools to Municipal Site and YMCA site – DOWNLOAD

GeoTech Results for YMCA Site – DOWNLOAD

Pool Locations in the Parry Sound Area – DOWNLOAD

Pools Around Goderich Area – DOWNLOAD 

Site Selection 1.2km Residential Catchment Radius – DOWNLOAD

West Parry Sound & Cultural Project Site Servicing Cost – DOWNLOAD

Pool Cost Sharing What If Scenario Calculator – DOWNLOAD

West Parry Sound Area Recreation & Culture Centre Presentation to Carling – DOWNLOAD

Watch the Recorded Pool Meetings HERE

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