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The Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act empowers municipal clerks and other officials to take various types of declarations and to administer oaths. 

The Township of Carling provides a Commissioner of Oath service.  We take affidavits and commission oaths and declarations. The Clerk and the Deputy Clerk are commissioners for the municipality. You are responsible for the content and correctness of the document you are getting commissioned.

The fee for commissioning a document is $15.00

Commissioning Process:

Please call us ahead of time to ask if we can help you with your document and to check that a Commissioner of Oaths is available before you come see us.

  • Bring a current government issued photo identification with a signature on it.
  • Sign documents in the presence of the commissioner. Do not sign the document prior to meeting with a commissioner.
  • Understand that the commissioner has the right to refuse commissioning service for any document
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Please note that a commissioner is not the same as Notary Public. The Township does not currently have a Notary Public on staff. A commissioner can only administer oaths and take affidavits whereas a Notary Public, can commission and certify documents as true copies to verify signatures. If you require a document to be “notarized” as opposed to “commissioned”, the person administering the oath or affidavit is generally a lawyer.

The following documents will not be commissioned:

  • Consent to Travel Abroad Document for Children,
  • Wills and Living Wills,
  • Court, legal or civil issue related documents,
  • Power of Attorney,
  • Divorce, Separation, Marriage or Custody Agreements
  • Letter of Invitation
Information about Commissioning

Contact the Clerks Department for more information.

Available from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday

Address 2 West Carling Bay Rd Nobel, ON P0G 1G0
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