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Property Tax Information

The Township of Carling issues two tax bills a year with a total of two payment installments. We mail out the interim tax bill at the end of January which is due near the end of of March. The interim tax bill is based on 50% of the previous year’s taxes billed. The final tax bill is sent out late June and is due at the end of August. 

2024 Tax Payment Due Dates

  • Interim Bill: Due March 22, 2024

Additional Tax Information

We’ve added a quick reference guide for all tax issues here.
If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at the bottom of the page. 

Penalties and interest are calculated on the first day of each month. Penalty and interest rates are 1.25% per month. Penalty is calculated based on the day after an installment payment is due and interest is charged on any taxes not paid in the previous month. Interest is not calculated on previous interest or penalty charged.   

Late payment charges will not be waived once charged unless there is an administrative error or overcharge made by the Township. Payments will be charged to late payment charges first and then taxes.

You can pay your taxes the following ways:

  • Pre-Authorized Payment Program Forms
  • Through Internet Banking (Your 19-digit roll number is your account number, do not include the dashes). The payee is ‘Carling (Township) Taxes’.
  • By-mail (be sure to include your 19-digit roll number)
  • In-Person (Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
  • Drop Box at the front entrance of the Municipal Office
  • Payment by your Mortgage Company (You will receive a Duplicate Bill for information purposes only – Do not pay)

Please note we do not accept credit cards or post-dated cheques. We accept Canadian Funds only. Payment is deemed to be made on the date the cheque is received by the Township, NOT on the date of mailing.

If you did not receive your tax bill please contact the Township office. Property owners are responsible for paying their property taxes even if the bill didn’t arrive by mail. This does not excuse the ratepayer from any penalties or interest.

By signing up for e-billing your tax bill will be emailed directly to you at the time they are sent out. Please note that if you sign up for e-billing you will not receive a hard copy of your bill in the mail.  To sign up please use your roll number and pin number (small eight digit number next to owners name) that is provided to you on your tax bill. Each property will need to be signed up for individually.

Property owners are responsible for notifying the Township when their mailing address has changed. Please fill out the Address Change Form and submit it to the Township office through this Email, by mail or by dropping it off at the office. 

In the event of a change in ownership, please make sure that your lawyer provides a copy of the transfer or deed to our office to update our property ownership information.

The Township will issue a Supplementary or Omitted tax bill on any additions or improvements that have been made to your property or on any assessment that was omitted. Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assesses the new structure value after the building permit is complete and sends the Township’s Tax Department the additional assessment to bill.

The Supplementary/Omitted bill is in addition to what has been previously billed to the property owner. A supplemental billing is based on changes provided by MPAC and can go back as far as three years. Once issued, all assessed years are payable in one lump sum. If you would like to estimate your supplementary taxes, multiply the construction value of your home by the tax rate for the respective year.

If you didn’t own the property for the full period you are being billed for, it is your responsibility to contact your lawyer to advise them of any retroactive tax bills. Taxes are levied against the property and not the person, it is the legal responsibility of the current owner to ensure full payment has been made.

If you feel your Supplementary/Omitted assessment is incorrect, please contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or visit their website.

Tax certificates show the amount of money owed against a property. Purchasers can have their lawyer order a certificate to be sure there are no outstanding amounts owing when the purchaser takes ownership. Lawyers must write a letter requesting a certificate along with the fee to the Township of Carling.

Contact General Info:

Property owners that wish to apply for a cancellation, reduction or refund or property taxes must fill out and submit a Section 357/358 Application Form.

A Section 357/358/359 Application would be used for the following reasons:

  • Ceases to be liable for tax at rate it was taxed
  • Became exempt
  • Razed by fire, demolition or otherwise
  • Damaged and substantially unusable
  • Repairs/Reno’s preventing normal use (min. 3 months)
  • Became vacant or excess land
  • Sickness or extreme poverty
  • Mobile unit removed
  • Gross or manifest clerical/factual error

A Section 357 application must be filed before February 28th of the year following the property tax year for which the application is made.

A Section 358 application must be filed between March 1st and December 31st and the application may apply only to taxes levied for one or both of the two years preceding the year in which the application is made.

A Section 359 application must be made on or before December 31st of the year following the year for which the application is made.

Please forward all applications to:

  1. Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) – Allows land owners who get their property classified as ‘Managed Forest’ to pay 25% of the municipal tax rate set for residential properties.

    View the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program Guide for more information on eligibility and the application procedure.

  1. Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program (CLTIP) – Allows land owners to qualify for a 100% property tax exemption for land that has important natural heritage features.

    View the Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program Guide for more information.

What is a Municipal Tax Sale?

Under the Municipal Act, on January 1st in the second year following that in which property taxes become owing, a tax arrears certificate can be prepared against the title to that land. The certificate will indicate that the land will be sold by public sale if the cancellation price is not paid within one year following the date of the registration of the tax arrears certificate. The cancellation price includes all tax arrears owing, interest, penalties, and all reasonable costs incurred by the municipality. If the cancellation price is not paid within the one-year period, the land shall be offered for public sale by public auction or public tender.

  • Contact the Tax Collector HERE.
There are currently no properties available for tax sale. 

The Municipal Properties Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for assessing and classifying all properties in Ontario based on current value assessment. If you have any questions related to your assessment please contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or visit their website.

How Does MPAC Assess?

MPAC is a province-wide corporation that uses current market value to assess and classify properties in compliance with the Assessment Act and Ontario Regulations. 85% of the assessed value for your property comes from the following 5 items: location, square footage, age of the property, lot size (frontage), and quality of construction.  MPAC works on a Four-Year Cycle, mailing out property Assessment Notices to every property owner in Ontario. Assessment increases are phased-in annually over the 4-year cycle and decreases are introduced immediately.  January 1, 2019 will be the valuation date for the new assessment cycle for taxation years 2021 to 2024.

UPDATE on 2020 Property Assessment:

2020 Property Assessment Update Postponed As part of the Ontario Government’s Economic and Fiscal Update on March 25, 2020, the Hon. Rod Phillips, Minister of Finance, announced the Province’s decision to postpone the 2020 Assessment Update, which would have seen the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) update the assessed value of every property in Ontario this year. In lieu of providing municipalities with updated assessed values for 2021, MPAC will deliver property assessments based on the fully phased-in January 1, 2016 current values, which is the same valuation date MPAC used for this year.

For example, if your property value in 2020 was $300,000, municipalities will use this same value to calculate your property taxes in 2021. MPAC will continue to conduct regular business, including updating property information, completing tax applications and managing Requests for Reconsideration and appeals. If you have questions about your assessed value or the postponement of the 2020 Assessment Update, visit or call 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) or TTY: 1-877-889-MPAC (6722).

For more on the 2020 Assesment Update, place click here

Want to know more about your property assessment? Visits MPACS about my property page.    

For taxation info, contact our Finance Department.

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