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Strategic Plan

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Zoning By-law

The Township’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law implements the policies of the Official Plan by regulating and controlling specific land uses. The Zoning By-law divides the Township into a number of zones and sets out the permitted uses of land such as where buildings and structures can be located and requirements such as lot coverage and setbacks. Through Zoning, the Township can guide and shape the pattern of development that occurs.

Any ratepayer who wishes to use his/her property or develop it in a way that is not permitted by the regulations of the Zoning By-law would need to apply to the Township for an amendment to the Zoning By-law.  Council will only consider a Zoning By-law amendment if the proposed use is allowed by the Township’s Official Plan. If the proposed use was not allowed in the Official Plan the land owner would need to apply for an Official Plan Amendment as well.  To apply, please fill out the Zoning By-law Amendment Application and contact the Township’s Planner.  

Have questions? Reach our Planning Department from the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

Asset Management Plan

Our Asset Management Plan and Asset Management Policy helps us anticipate infrastructure needs, building and other land improvements as well as, the replacement of vehicles, machinery and equipment.  

For additional support, contact our Treasurer by clicking HERE.

Official Plan

The Township of Carling‘s Official Plan is a long-rang blueprint that guides future land use and manages growth within the Township of Carling. The official plan sets out the Township’s goals and objectives and establishes policies on how the Township will deal with various land use and servicing questions that arise.  


Applying for an Official Plan Amendment 

Any ratepayer who wishes to use or develop their property in a way that conflicts with the policies of the Official Plan will need to apply for an Official Plan amendment. Please contact the Township Planner if you wish to apply for an Official Plan Amendment. 

For additional support, contact our Planner by clicking HERE.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Township of Carling will be a welcome and progressive community that celebrates and preserves both the history and the ecological system of the Georgian Bay area while working to create a local economy that embraces new ideas and entrepreneurs.

Our commitment to being a sustainable community will be reflected in the range of employment opportunities, services and amenities that are based on the talents, interests and desires of our residents.

Accessibility Policy and Plan

It is the policy of the Township of Carling that citizens with disabilities achieve accessibility in the provision of goods and services, consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equality of opportunity as set out in the regulations of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.  

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